Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Adapting wxWidgets

wxWidgets is a great framework, but it is an all-purpose one, so many things useful to an accounting program are missing. I am working to add some useful features, and I will report the results.
The needed improvements can be grouped in two main areas:
  • Data entry: users will do a lot of data entry, so there is the need for tools that make it easy for both the user and the programmer. Mainly, I need a good way to enter numbers and dates. "Good way" means that the user must find it easy and he should not have way to enter wrong values. Handling those values must be simple for the programmer too.
  • Grid: I plan to use grids a lot, in two different ways. The first is showing many rows and let the user choose one, for example choosing a customer from a list. This kind of grid must be read-only. The second is using the grid for data entry: think of entering the rows of an invoice like in a spreadsheet.
wxWidgets has basic controls in these two areas, but they are far from optimal so I had to work at this, and I am still working.

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