Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hiding and showing controls in a dialog

Often a single dialog can be used for different purposes, with slight variations. Sometimes a control is not needed if the uses chooses a certain option, but it is needed if he chooses a different option.

If disabling the control is enough the simplest solution is to use UPDATE_UI events, but those events cannot be used to hide and show controls.

Dynamically hiding a control requires a few lines of code, but this feature is not very well documented.
Suppose that m_Control is a pointer to the control to be hidden, and that m_Sizer is a pointer to the sizer that contains that control. The following code, in a method of a wxDialog-derived window, hides the control at run time, rearranging the other controls and the window to reuse the resulting empty space:

    m_Sizer->Hide( m_Control );

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